After the selection of the wood, the specification of the staveshells height and its diameter the components of the staveshells are glued together.

After the hardening process (approx. 8 days) the first step is the grinding of the outer radius, the second step is the milling of the outside and the third step is the grinding of the inner radius to the planned wall thickness.

Now the inner and outer sides get the final polishing by hand. The drillings for the mounting are now carried out, all relevant measures are permanently checked during the whole process. According to the customer the surface design is carried out.

As a rule, the manufacturing time from the first order conversation up to the delivery is 3-4 months, depending on the customer’s desire it may last longer, too.

Every product of our house will get a serial number, engraved on the type plate. With this number you can find out all details of the drum at any time.